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Thank you visiting Bohemian Sage.  I love Yoga. I live my Yoga and I reap the rewards of this ancient practice in my daily life.  I am an artist and teach Yoga, Meditation and Crystal Healing through handcrafted jewelry and unique yoga apparel.  I hand select the highest quality stones and supplies and trust my intuition and the energy received in the process of creating jewelry.   My apparel designs come directly from my dedicated yoga and meditation practice.  I am embarking my journey into the world of Ayurveda as a Lifestyle Coach.  More to come!

More about me ~
I live in Atlanta GA with the loves of my life,  Mikal, and our 6 year old son Sage. Bohemian Sage is my creative outlet and the very best of me. My mantra is to live with an open mind, open heart and without judgment.  Be good to yourself. 

Namaste’ and Love ~
Melissa xo