How to Create a Spiritual Book Club


Have you ever sat back and thought, where are my people?  If you’re interested in spirituality and looking for like-minded souls, you may consider starting a Spiritual Book Club.  

I am an avid Yogi.  I also immerse myself in all types of reading that nourishes my mind, body and soul.  I woke up on New Year’s morning 2017 refreshed and took a 9am New Year's Day Class.  I came home and thought , where are my people?  I decided right there I would put myself out in the universe and create what I was looking for.  I posted to a neighborhood site and to my neighborhood group Facebook page the idea below.

"Happy New Year!  Is anyone interested in starting a Spiritual Book Club?  The only rules are you must have an open mind, open heart and live without judgement.  This is not a religious book club.  Reads would be nourishing to the mind and soul.  Taking deeper dives into Yoga, The Chakra's, etc.  We decide as a group each months read.  I am simply the facilitator and putting this out into the universe to build a spiritual community.  All are welcome"

I received 25 responses of interest.  We started at a local coffee shop and just moved this to my homes backyard patio to change it to include wine and cheese (everyone brings something).  It's been 7 months and a solid 4-6 come monthly and there are about 30 that are virtual and on my monthly distribution list.  I have new like minded friends.

Create what you want in your life.  In this instance it was a community of like-minded souls.  I put it out there and so many are thankful for this.  I am the facilitator but it is the tribe that makes this spiritual book club.  We call ourselves the Good Vibe Tribe.

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