Bohemian Christmas Tree

Adding some Bohemian Love to your Christmas Tree is simple.  I found some Gold Branches at Michaels Craft Store (70% Off) on a Pre Black Friday Sale ($2.99/each).  You will need at least 12.  I bought the color of the rainbow in pom poms and extra ones in red and hot glued several to each branch in various sizes. The trick is to glue with the branch standing up in a vase, etc.  I cut the branches with wire cutters to fit and within the branch you can snip the another small branch in the middle off.  I  hot glued small pom poms on those for the top of the tree area.  You could also make a floral arrangement which would be very fun and my next project.  Additional iicing on my tree is red pom pom ribbon I found at Homegoods for $2.99/spool.  I am absolutely in love with my Bohemian Christmas Tree! 



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